We develop and produce events, video and campaigns. Our concepts are designed to communicate and are usually created around a live-event.

Large live events, sometimes of national importance. We create events that are great to visit live, but that you also experience perfectly when you watch TV on your couch at home. Together on IDTV for example, we have created the ‘Koningsvaart’ with the inauguration of King Willem-Alxander, the team presentation of the Tour de France in Utrecht or the celebration of 100 years of Universal Suffrace in the Ridderzaal. Each time we combined specific wishes from both the live audience and the TV viewer.

If you are unable or unwilling to come together physically, an online event offers a good alternative. A perfect video connection combined with great interaction with all participants ensures that everyone is involved. For TOPdesk we produced the online event TOPdesk SEE Online 2020.

.”..involve me and I will understand.”

Play fanatically because you want to win and in the meantime gain insight into complex challenges. Serious Games are a very effective way to transfer knowledge and create support. Together with experts, we worked at IDTV for example on Serious Games for Tata Steel and for the Ministry of Economic Affairs.



Experience a story together or enjoy a performance with many others. It gives energy and connects. We know how to build a party. We are aware of the logistical challenges and safety requirements associated with a large number of visitors. Before we started BEE, we worked for many years on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam, helped with King’s Day in Amersfoort and for example produced Turn on the Lights on Dam Square and 50 years of Jostiband in the Ziggodome.

Build your brand. A live event is the best way to let your internal or external target audience really experience your product or organization. But then it must be perfect. That is why we first want to get to know your organization very well. This way we can ensure that every detail of the project reinforces your brand. At IDTV we were responsible for Heineken Open Your World Live, Unox Hartje Winter and Robeco Live.

Attention and appreciation for the best performance in your field; with that you celebrate progress. An award show has its own dynamics and rules. We have extensive experience with it. For example, we participated in the presentation of the Golden Calves during the Gala of the Dutch Film, for years we were involved in the presentation of the Aardig Onderweg Awards of the Rotterdam Public Transport Company RET and we helped the MMA with the presentation of the Mercurs.

Whether it is a new museum, a hospital or an international conference; an official opening sets the tone. It is a moment to communicate your most important message. To those directly involved, to partners and via the media to the entire world. In our time before BEE we were involved in the opening of the ‘Noord/Zuid’ metro line in Amsterdam, the opening of the Museum for Sound & Vision in Hilversum, the new Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and the start of the international nuclear conference NSS in the Hague.

When it’s your birthday, you have to celebrate. It is the perfect opportunity to thank all your employees and partners, to strengthen pride, generate publicity and, above all, to look ahead. At IDTV we participated in 100 years of Tata Steel, 125 years of ANWB, 15 years of Fontys Hogescholen and 100 years of KPMG.

Collectively reflect on a disaster or a war. Recognition for what happened, respect for the victims and relatives. A commemoration connects the past with the future and provides social support. We are pleased that we were able to contribute to the National MH17 commemoration in the RAI in 2014 and that we are involved in the organisation of the annual National Commemoration at Dam Square in Amsterdam.

Powerful images. Quickly shot or beautifully filmed and edited. Video has never been easier to create and distribute and the presence of this content is only increasing. We understand video. The medium is an important part of almost everything we make. Whether it’s a live TV recording, educational online content, films during a conference or event, short animations or a longer documentary; we have experience in production and know the best directors.

Our events never stand alone. They are always part of a larger marketing or communication process. We combine the live moment with other media such as television, print, online or radio. This is how we generate the optimum reach. With the event at the heart of the campaign.

Broad Experience

Collectively we have a wealth of experience. Together we created “The Koningsvaart”, and participated in Tata Steel’s 100 Year Anniversary. We were also involved with Amersfoort’s King’s Day celebrations, Heineken Open Your World Live, the Tour de France team presentation in Utrecht, the Jostiband Anniversary in the Ziggodome, “Turn on the Lights” for the Bijenkorf, the National Remembrance for MH17 and many other memorable projects. We understand TV, video, show and entertainment, but we also know the logistic and security challenges that make these productions possible.