Responsible business

The projects we are involved in positively contribute to our society. We bring people together to share knowledge, inspire, strengthen relationships, increase understanding or try things out. This way we work with our partners to create an even more beautiful world. Sustainable, fair, equal, open and safe for everyone.

We always try to put this into practice during our work. Not with nice words, but with concrete actions. Big and small:

  • When developing our concepts, we always take the impact on the environment and climate into account. We think about limiting transport and waste, about the reuse of materials, the use of circular locations, catering without disposables and increasingly more (delicious) vegetarian options.
  • Because we believe we need everyone, we strive for diversity in our teams. both in front of and behind the scenes.
  • We feel responsible for fair payment to everyone who contributes to our projects.
  • We like to do exciting things, but the safety of visitors, colleagues and the environment always comes first.
  • Our proactive confidant is always available, but also contacts employees and freelancers herself. This is how we try to keep our workplace safe.
  • As an ‘IDEA Green Ambassador’ we work together with our colleagues to make the industry as sustainable as possible.
  • Together with our neighbors, we have made the immediate surroundings of our office much greener.
  • We bank with Triodos, one of the most sustainable banks in the world.

We’re not perfect. We learn from every project and we are open to feedback and new ideas.