RET Aardig Onderweg challenge

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image campaign

  • Social media
  • Bus shelters
  • Narrowcasting
  • PR
  • Events
  • Different challenges, always a different theme
  • Travel your own way and win!
  • #sustainable

RET Aardig onderweg challenge

‘Traveling with our network is the most sustainable way to travel through the Rotterdam Region’. RET would like to convey that message. But: every traveller is different. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing public transport.


That’s why we came up with the Aardig Onderweg Challenge, a campaign in the form of competitions. Always with a different theme for a different target group. Do you choose speed, fun, or the most beautiful view? However you would like to travel, RET is there for you!

Sustainable connector

We invite everyone to participate with a press release, bus shelters, narrowcasting and messages on social media. Each challenge is a small event that produces a lot of enthusiastic content. This way we are steadily building the image of RET: a sustainable connector of the Rotterdam region. For everyone