National Reflection on Covid-19

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  • Interactive travelling exhibition
  • Central question: Who do you think about?
  • Opened by King Willem-Alexander
  • During a live event
  • Broadcast by the NOS


The pandemic was the biggest crisis in our kingdom in the past 75 years. COVID-19 affected each of us in a different way There was panic in healthcare, we could no longer go to school or work, we were no longer allowed to be together. There was help, solidarity, gratitude, and love, but also loneliness, fear, mistrust and anger. The restrictions kept changing and we all had to choose how we dealt with them. Sometimes we lost each other.

Traveling exhibition

On behalf of the National Committee to Reflect on COVID-19, our editors looked for stories from all corners of our kingdom. We developed a traveling exhibition that offers space to commemorate, invites conversation and, above all, ensures that we look at each other in a different way.

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“I only now realize how many stories there are about COVID-19, and how much we still have to process together”

Who are you thinking about?

Each photo in the exhibition tells a personal pandemic story of the person who made the greatest impression on the narrator during the crisis. A story about someone else. But the exhibition is not finished yet. All visitors can add their own image or story. The central question is: Who are you thinking about?

National Archives

King Willem Alexander opened the exhibition during a live event broadcast by NOS. National Reflection on COVID-19 will travel through the Netherlands in the near future. At the end of the project, all information collected will be stored at the National Archives.

Buma Awards 2023