How much does it cost to study?

Online tool

  • Insight into your financial situation when you start studying
  • For college students and their parents
  • Even if no one else around you is studying
  • Can be used in the classroom and individually


Studying, if you have a talent for that. Something that’s not always obvious, certainly when people around you do not study. 

What does it cost to study?

Many college students have no idea what their financial situation will look like when they start their studies. Sometimes unexpected high costs are an obstacle to choose a study. That is why we have developed the online tool ‘What does it cost to study’ together with the De Verre Bergen Foundation and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Clear overview

You choose a guide that suits you and, based on examples and questions, make choices that ultimately provide a clear overview of your expenses and income. This provides insight and provides guidance for, for example, a good conversation with your parents.

"A labias and a stethoscope are quite expensive and you have to pay for them yourself"
Nathan - medical student