Erasmus University Rotterdam

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  • Traditional events, appropriate for today
  • Opening of the Academic Year
  • Dies Natalis
  • Making Minds Matter
  • About research and education in the service of society

Making minds matter

That pay-off summarizes the ambitions of Erasmus University Rotterdam well. Decisive scientific research and education in the service of society. The opening of the academic year and the University’s birthday are traditionally the events to demonstrate what this ambition actually means and delivers. With inspiring speakers from our own community or from the global network of partners. With attention and tribute to special people and projects and with discussions about solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are proud to be able to help the university with these special substantive events. And we learn a lot from it!

"We must look for knowledge, for solutions we do not yet know."
Annelies Bredenoord - Rector Magnificus