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  • 8 days
  • 8 locations in Amsterdam
  • 23 organizing parties
  • Hundreds of bicycles
  • Perfect Wi-Fi everywhere

Ethereum community

Ethereum is a blockchain technology that can be used for many different applications. In March 2022, the international Ethereum community gathered in Amsterdam to further build their network. Many thousands of young blockchain specialists visited the various events in the city for 8 days. We were responsible for 8 locations, including the ‘co-working space’ in the Beurs van Berlage. We developed the corporate identity, kept in touch with 23 different organizing parties and arranged the design and decoration (thank you Boozed!), technology, catering, live stream, hundreds of bicycles and everything else that was needed.

We have learned a lot from this sweet and special target group (stickers, swag and Wi-Fi; that’s what it’s all about).

"It's a bit of a nightmare, but I love it"
One of the participants struggles with challenges during the 48-hour hackathon.