Daan’s impossible choices

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Interactive war film

  • For children from 8 to 14 years old
  • About the importance of commemoration
  • About the importance of freedom
  • Your choice determines the course of the story
  • What would you do?

National Children's Remembrance Day

What do you do if a boy suddenly shows up at your door asking you for help because his parents have just been arrested? Would you hand in your phone if you had to? And would you betray someone in exchange for your mother or father’s freedom? What choices would you make for freedom?

What would you do?

Commissioned by the National Children’s Remembrance Day, we produced the interactive film ‘Daan’s impossible choices’. In the film we sympathize with the young protagonists Daan, Yara and Milan. They end up in a war. But this time, in their own neighbourhood, here in the Netherlands. And they are forced to make choices. They always ask you as a viewer: ‘What would you do?’

Your choice determines the course of the story. You see the consequences of your decision.

For children from 8 to 14  years old

The film ‘Daan’s impossible choices’ is aimed at children from 8 to 14 and is intended to spark a conversation. It makes the link between fictional war situations and the lives of the children here and now. You can participate in the interactive adventure in different ways. Individually, through the online platform or together during the National Children’s Remembrance Day on May 4.