A new code, AI ethics in journalism


  • The Regional Public Broadcasters take the initiative
  • For a conversation about the use of Artificial Intelligence
  • With more than 200 journalists from home and abroad
  • Presentations, discussions, workshops, games, meetings


Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a significant impact on journalism. It transforms the way news is collected, produced, and presented. AI enables journalists to process large amounts of information more efficiently and produce news articles faster. For now, however, human involvement remains crucial in interpreting complex information, asking critical questions, and ensuring journalistic ethics.

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The aim of the day was to map the possibilities and preconditions of AI in journalism. More than 200 guests from Dutch journalism attended this inspiring day.

"It really helps us to have conversations about this technology now, where we have done much less with other developments, social media for example."
Journalist and researcher Karlijn Goossen