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Tess Klijnman
Elselinda Schouten
Bas van Wersch
Diana Kersten
Fons Elsenburg
Larissa ‘t Hart
Peter Blom
Anne Hogersvorst
Ester Mangnus
Matthijs van Houwelingen
Tim van Rooij
Ramona van Gennep
Joost van den Broek
Anna Meijer van Putten
Sandor van Geelen
Veronique ter Wolbeek
Nynke la Porte
Fedde Dijkstra
Sofie Timmer
Gemma van Zeventer

Small Agency
for Big Things

We would like to contribute.

We bring knowledge and experience, are service-minded, cheerful, and focused on solutions. One team with the aim of creating beautiful things. We have a passion for quality, with attention to every detail. We care for others and each other. Together we are responsible for the final product.

For true progress, we need each other. Therefore, we have to communicate and share stories.

We believe in the power of the collective.

For true progress we need each other. Therefore, we have to communicate; sharing stories allows us to step into each other’s shoes.

We help brands and organizations to communicate with their audience. We transform their stories into experiences and share these through an event, a video or a campaign.

This keeps the message alive and creates true involvement with each other as well as with the brand or organization.

BEE Agency was founded in 2019 by Saskia and Sandor. We are an ever-changing team of enthusiastic professionals. Together we work on creative and impactful projects every day. This started more than 20 years ago. Together we created many different events and campaigns. At BEE we’re combining all this knowledge and experience with fresh energy and genuine curiosity.

Who are you?

We are a small agency with a large network; a close-knit team of people around us. Together we are knowledgeable and experienced, but we do not have an exaggerated ego. This creates space to focus on what is most important: the content!