BEE - Small Agency for Big Things


Small Agency for Big Things

We want to contribute.

We bring knowledge and experience, are service-minded, cheerful and focused on solutions. One team with the goal of creating beautiful things. We have passion for quality, with attention to the smallest detail. We care for others and each other. Each one of us is responsible for the final product and our customer is always the queen.


we bring people together

We believe in the power of the collective. For true progress we need each other. Therefore, we have to communicate; sharing stories allows us to step in each other’s shoes.

events + video + campaigns

We help brands and organizations to communicate with their audience. We transform their stories into experiences and share these through an event, a video or a campaign. This keeps the message alive and creates true involvement with each other as well as with the brand or organization.

About us

We are Saskia and Sandor.

We have been creating events together for more than 15 years. That started with IDTV where we were responsible for the Live department. Together with a large group of professionals we worked on various events and campaigns. We had great adventures and learned a lot. We are proud that we are now starting something new with the support of the same team.

In a different, contemporary form, but still together.

Small but Brave

We are a small agency with a large network. Together we’re knowledgeable & experienced, but without an oversized ego. This leaves room to focus on what matters most: the content!